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Learning anything is like travelling within a maze.  If you take a wrong turn, even very early on you will eventually hit a dead end and will be able to go no further unless to back track and get on the right path from where you went wrong.

We are here to say we got to the goal, know the wrong turns and can guide you on that path to get there too.

The global equestrian industry has taken some serious wrong turns as a whole and has set up camp at it's dead end believing this is as far as it goes.  

Our job is to get it back to true horsemanship.  The path that has no dead ends.

To do this we write tutorials and publish them publicly, run RBEI Courses that take people from complete beginnings to complete advanced.  We Sell Horses under the Ethical Equine Sellers International Code of Conduct using true horsemanship, provide true horsemanship programmes for the buyers to use to get going on these horses and provide ongoing support and guidance for buyers and clients.