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FREEDOM EQUINE INTERNATIONAL Courses are Extra mural, home based, self paced in your own time online courses, no need for a horse.  The exams are fun online games.

Relationship Based Equitation Courses and provide leading, cutting edge practical, effective, complete & thorough, one stop shop globally recognized Equine Education.  


$3000 for the entire Course Series. Value $4000.


You can pay the Course Series off simply with a $100 deposit to start, simply fill in the enrollment form as per normal but instead of paying the full amount, pay the $100 deposit, send us a receipt copy and then continue to make weekly payments at your own pace, minimum $100 per week, (zero fees and interest, no additional costs added!).   

From complete beginners to advanced equine competition and training, educating young horses under saddle and re-educating behavioral issues with horses, all genres and sports, all levels. Providing recipients with Certified Relationship Based Equitation International Qualifications recognized globally which open doors globally for elite career positions and jobs.

R.B.E.I  Courses train students uber effectively with skills that will enable them to function effectively and to be leaders in the horse world in whichever pursuit, equine related activity or career they choose.

When you purchase a Freedom Equine Horse you also receive the International Relationship Based Equitation Masters Course Series, worth $4000, completely free. Or this Course Series may be purchased individually for $3000 currently with the credit of a horse of your choice from us at any time. Exams are fun online games, and information is such as cannot be found anywhere on the internet or in any other horse related training courses, placing recipients among the worlds elite horse men and women. Course participants are also eligible to receive Global career opportunities.

There are 4 main Courses which comprise the overall HORSE MASTERS Qualification.





Each course has 10 certified units

Courses are run extra-murally in unit parts from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Units stand alone as an individual certified qualifications.   

You simply receive a daily informative email and then sit exams online which are fun games which take minutes only to complete.  You do so at your own pace and when you like, and can sit exams at any time in any sequence. You can do the course as you receive it or at any time.

When all 4 Courses are completed this is the highest Global RBEI Qualification available.  Graduates are awarded The Officially Sealed RBEI MASTERS PLAQUE.  Holders of this plaque are qualified and competent to run any horse related career, teach and train students and horses, and are effectively competent in all aspects of horse mastery, recognized globally. 

(Courses with their units are listed in the left sidebar, (or if you are on a mobile at the bottom of the page).


GET A QUIET RIDING HORSE WITH THE FULL COURSE SERIES: Pay for the Course at your own pace weekly or in full at the current discounted price of $3000. 

When all is paid you get to select your quiet riding horse from our options at any time and only have to pay transport to you. These horses are RBEI trained horses and high value, high quality experienced riding horses.

For those who want one of our Horses & not the Course that is fine and for those who want the Course without the horse that is also fine :)

For those people who have already purchased any horse from us ever your full course is free, our gift to you.

All you need to do is enroll above and state you would like to use your horse purchased credits and the name of the horse you purchased.


As you progress in your units & courses you may receive from time to time, exclusive career, job & other positions and opportunities from us because the qualifications you hold are highly sought after horse skills and many employers and businesses require only people who operate within the RBEI Code of Conduct so they can be sure their horses are stress free and treated effectively.