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FREEDOM EQUINE INTERNATIONAL: 30 years leading the global revolution of horse mastership into our future of true, simple, kind, effective Relationship Based Equitation from a past of ineffective fear based equine dominance.

True horsemanship teaches us the valuable lesson of how to love rather than fear in our relationships with horses (& other humans).
'Control' of horses creates fearful & rebellious horses. To build knowledge of how to control the fearful & rebellious horse created is not the answer. The answer is to learn how to not create the fear and rebellion in the first place by learning how to love rather than fear.
Sadly many people never see horses in their true state / how quiet, placid, friendly, sweet, gentle & willing they are to work with us & to please, because they control 'first' & horses react against that control.
Learn to love 'first' then you will find there is no need to control.

Pictured above: Phoebe Norling: Owner / Manager of Freedom Equine International



*Hundreds of quality quiet riding horses sold all over Australia & Internationally.*

*Hundreds of positive buyer & client reviews.*

*30 years successfully educating riders, horse owners & horses globally.*

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Currently $3000 for entire Course Series (was $4000).

This discount is also applicable to those paying off Courses.

Pay off at $100 per week.

Contact us if weekly payments are too much for your budget, we do have limited sponsorship positions available for those with very limited funds.



Entire series FREE for all Equine related trainers, teachers & volunteers.  Simply sign up & state in the comments section that you are one of the above.


One of the most wonderful things in the world is seeing a horse that is lost, frustrated, confused, crushed in spirit, angry and full of fear relax, their dark eyes show a faint glimmer of hope again, for them to then come to you and put their head in your arms and trust you to help them... this is what our Freedom Equine horses come to us like. The reason WHY they are like this is the lack of understanding across the board of how to work with horses.

Then seeing them recover hope that was lost, trust and know how to face life again. Relationship Based Equitation does this. It is true, a true and facade-less connecting with horses in true harmony with them, rather than bossing them around and playing mind games with them.

Every single one of the horses begin like this and after R.B.E every one of them is a relaxed, hopeful and have regained their spirit that was crushed unwittingly by bad methodology.

Each one bringing tears to the eyes when we see their true nature emerge again, their little quirks and things that they enjoy and do and their wonderful very different personalities which were hidden under the mechanical facade they have been expected to wear 24/7.

The other thing we get to see all the time is people, who come to us, fearful, frustrated, confused, have lost all their confidence with horses, yet love them so much, who hold a dream deep inside still that they can connect with a horse and have an amazing bond with them.

Then seeing them realize their previous mistakes and what it takes to have this. Realizing how blind they have been and then finally getting it right, experiencing that true, very real connection. Seeing them realize they don't need all the baggage, just to build a true relationship with their horse, truly.

We get to walk with these people and help them, tell them to be strong every time 20 people tell them to do the opposite thing with their horse, to just dominate them, to whip them into submission instead.

We get to see many push through and experience the amazing magical true connection with horses and then do things they only ever dreamed of easily.

We get to help people and horses with their dreams, show them how to achieve them and support them. This is the goal.


FREEDOM EQUINE provide Australia's leading professional horse purchasing, education & support service with constant glowing CLIENT REVIEWS.

We focus solely on high quality and highly disciplined equine individuals.  All horses sold are only trained naturally, kindly and to our high quality standard.

Purchasers have access to ongoing professional support, advice, Relationship Based Equitation Courses and programmes to aid in all equine pursuits.



When you purchase a Freedom Equine Horse you are getting one that will understand, accept and enjoy riding. To be left un-ridden for any length of time and re-ridden again without lungeing or working in. To remain quiet to ride even on hot feed, fresh.

Will enjoy being caught ridden and interacting with people. Be trustworthy family horses, horses for beginners and learners, as well as elite competition, sport and pleasure horses suited to all genres. Suitable for all from beginners through to advanced.

When you purchase a Freedom Equine Horse you get professional settling in and getting started programmes and 24/7 access to the Professional Freedom Equine Support Service.
This can be used for any equine related professional guidance, tutoring, ongoing training, emergency help, advice and support, programming etc.

When you purchase a Freedom Equine Horse you also receive the International Relationship Based Equitation Masters Course Series, worth $4000, completely free. Or this Course may be purchased individually at the current discounted price of $3000 which also credits you for a horse of your choice from us at any time.  Exams are fun online games, and information is such as cannot be found anywhere on the internet or in any other horse related training courses, placing recipients among the worlds elite horse men and women. Course participants are also eligible to receive Global career opportunities.